Photo: Barockschloss Rammenau
Photo: Barockschloss Rammenau

Barockschloss Rammenau

Impressive crown lights beneath rustic timber framing

Since 2017, two impressive wittenberg crown lights illuminate the »cavalier house floor« of the Rammenau Baroque Castle. Situated northeast from Dresden, it is one of the best preserved country castles and the only completely intact manor in Saxony.

Today, more than 100 people can celebrate or dine on the upper floor of the cavalier house, where court staff, guests or couriers were once accomodated. The rustic space and exposed timber framing has a special flair which is captivating.

Lighting design

Ulrike Birnbaum

Project management mawa design

Dirk Salewski


Barockschloss Rammenau

Scope of services

2 × wittenberg 4.0 profile crown light wi4-pr-kr
D 3,20 m, 16 × LED light head 8,4 W, 3000 K, medium 24°
8 × indirect component (linear LED modules) 11,4 W, 3000 K, diffuse
powder-coated black matt (RAL 9005)

Photo: Barockschloss Rammenau

The two, ring-shaped curved profile lights, each with diameters greater than 3 meters, surround the central columns of the room. The positions of their suspension points correspond exactly with the beams.

In each ring, 16 rotatable and tiltable spot-heads illuminate the middle of the room. Indirect lighting components brighten the loft area above.

The palace complex has a total of two cavalier houses arranged opposite each other. They flank the transition from the former farmyard to the cour d’honneur in front of the main building.

Photo: Barockschloss Rammenau