Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Villa Kellermann Potsdam

Reconstructed postament outdoor lights for the Grande Dame on the lake Heiliger See

The over 100-year-old Villa Kellermann has been the scene of glittering feasts and Potsdam’s eventful history. Built in 1914 for the royal master of ceremonies and named after the author Bernhardt Kellermann, it has seen a lot and was already at the turn of the century used as a restaurant. After a decade of vacancy, Günther Jauch and Tim Raue decided to revive the grande dame on the waterside of the lake Heiliger See, both spatially and gastronomically. This required a veritable tightrope act between preservation and reinterpretation in all respects – also with regard to the exterior lighting implemented by mawa.


Günther Jauch


Tim Raue


Architekturbüro Bernd Redlich, Potsdam


Ester Bruzkus Architekten, Berlin


Ingenieurbüro Schrader, Berlin

Project management mawa design

Daniel Frey

Projektassistenz mawa

Johanna Marlene Dietrich


Stefan Wolf Lucks

Scope of services

6 × postament outdoor light Mangerstrasse, Height 70 cm
LED, 37 W, 1050 mA, 3000 K, 3600 lm, control gear included, DALI dimmable

4 × postament outdoor light terrace, Height 50 cm
LED, 37 W, 1050 mA, 3000 K, 3600 lm, control gear included, DALI dimmable

24 × wannsee 2 outdoor light vl2
inclusive stainless steel reinforcement
HV-LED, 4 W, 3000 K, 450 lm, IP44, one-sided light emission, grey metallic (DB 703)

Individually manufactured postament outdoor lights in two different sizes and octagonal basic shapes decorate the pillars on the street side and the terrace balustrade on the lakeside.

The initial plan to reproduce the luminaires created during the GDR era was cancelled after mawa got hold of a picture from earlier times that documented a much more plain design.

Since the re-opening, guests are welcomed by modern LED technology, which has been elegantly framed and at the same time has a timeless appearance, thanks to customized product development.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

LED lighting also ensures illuminated access to the garden in the evening hours.
Low bollard luminaires of the wannsee series concentrate the light onto the footpath thanks to their near-ground light emitting surface.

The visionaries, planners and participants in this project have succeeded brilliantly in building a bridge between the centuries, so that the magnificent building, rich in tradition, has been shining in new splendour since 2019. It provides its visitors with the perfect setting for lasting memories.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks