Photo: Oleg Kuchar, Museum Ulm
Photo: Oleg Kuchar, Museum Ulm

Museum Ulm

Museum spotlights for universal use

Since 2019, seventies 70’s spotlights illuminate parts of the Ulm Museum. Located in the heart of the city, it showcases archaelogical finds and objects from more than 40,000 years of art, culture and design history.

Lighting design

Candela GmbH, Stuttgart


Oleg Kuchar, Museum Ulm
Nik Schölzel, Museum Ulm

Scope of services

320 × seventies 70’s plus track spotlights se-11-2-9016
LED, 26 W, 3000 K, High CRI > 97, flood reflector (35°), white matt (RAL9016)
silver front ring, rotary potentiometer, Eutrac Uni-Compact-Adapter

50 × spot-reflector (16°)
20 × Shutter
50 × sculptural Lens
120 × beam diverging attachment (LSD60)

Photo: Oleg Kuchar, Museum Ulm

Track light adapters and numerous accessories turn this lighting tool from mawa into a talented and sustainable museum fixture. Flexible repositioning, tailored lighting results and location-specific dimming allow those in charge to meet the needs of every exhibit, even into the future.

Photo: Nik Schölzel, Museum Ulm