Photo: Stefan Müller
Photo: Stefan Müller

Library Goethe University Frankfurt

Desk lamps for almost 1,000 workstations

On the premises of Frankfurt University, founded in 1914 with 16 fields of study, and with the help of investments budgeted for renovations totaling 600 million euro, 900 lights from Mawa Design have found a new workspace, and this in more ways than one, because 900 elle desk lamps were installed in the library rooms. Mounting the lamps invisibly beneath the worktables emphasizes the pure aesthetic of the lamps. Their rotating and tilting capabilities make them ideal desk lamps.


Müller Reimann Architekten, Berlin
Stefan Müller
Jean-Luc Valentin

Scope of services

900 × elle desk lamps el1
desk lamps, socket: GY 6.35, 35 W
finish: silver, borosilicate glass cover
GS-seal, TÜV-certified, internal or external transformer
Table inset sleeve for table top thicknesses of 40 mm, 50 mm, or 60 mm, optional integrated toggle switch, rotatable 180° and tiltable 60°

Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin

Photo: Müller Reimann Architekten – Berlin
Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin