Photo: Marcus Ebener
Photo: Marcus Ebener

Library Potsdam-Golm

Specially manufactured reading lights with the most modern technology standard

For the new information, communication and media center of the University of Potsdam-Golm, designed by Staab Architekten, mawa developed the reading luminaire potsdam.

Optimal illumination for two reading places is achieved by special reflector technology. Plug, data socket and laptop fuse are integrated in the flush-mounted base plate.

The filigree elle fits flush and without visible screw connection into the table surface and offers with its rotatability (180° tiltable, head 60° rotatable) an optimal workplace lighting with integrated laptop anti-theft device, data and power socket.

Lichtplanung und Entwurf

mawa design
Marco Schölzel


Marcus Ebener

Scope of services

104 × potsdam table lamp po 1
2G11 for 2 × TLC 18 W

86 × elle table lamps el1
GY6,35, Osram Halostar ECO, max. 35 W, 4000 lighting hours
alternative: 2 × 6 W, 2700 K, Citizen LED, 800 lm

Photo: Marcus Ebener

The potsdam table lamp is a specially developed reading lamp with flush-mounted base plate, invisible screw connection with integrated plug and data socket.

Photo: Marcus Ebener
Photo: Marcus Ebener
Photo: Marcus Ebener
Photo: Marcus Ebener