Photo: mawa design

Questions for Daniel Haym, Deputy Sales Manager Germany of the PROLED GROUP

The PROLED GROUP, which integrates the mawa, PROLED and UNI-BRIGHT brands under one roof, is growing. Now, with our new team, we can offer professional consultation on site. We are underway for you in the DACH (German speaking) region, Italy, Southeast Europe, as well as in the Middle East, and we are looking forward to meeting you to begin new dialogues, in person.

In this context, our colleague Daniel Haym has become the deputy sales director of the PROLED GROUP for the German market and will contribute significantly to making mawa a dependable partner for you. In him, we have a lighting man, project professional, networker and service-orientated sales colleague on board, who is open for new things und who can draw from his expertise. We have asked him, as the primary link between distribution and customer, where his main focus lies.

Daniel Haym, Foto: Robert Giller

How do you define your new role as deputy sales director?

“Through the incorporation of mawa into the consolidated companies of the PROLED-Group, completely new possibilities will arise in relation to the scope of opportunities and reach. Because mawa had no active sales in the field until now, and the sales team of the MBN GmbH is relatively young in relation to the age of the company, I am looking forward to working closely with our managing director Peter Gawlik and my colleague Tina Krauß at mawa to lead the team and to provide support anywhere I can.
The interaction of field sales to the internal sales department and continuity through construction, manufacturing and ultimately to shipment, as well as the need to convey the influence of the market to our marketing team – all this is, ideally, a harmonious symphony that needs to be directed.”

In your opinion, what makes a good sales director?

“As the intermediary between the companies, each of whom have their individual strengths, it is up to me to sharpen the perception of our sales team, to communicate precisely these bandwidths to our partners, clients and planners, and to give each individual, depending on the current task, the correct lighting tool in their hand.

The technical precision of the team in Friedberg and the detailed vertical production capability of our colleagues in Brandenburg, all leads to one thing in the end – that they identify with the company. Transferring this passion to the sales team and every single colleague, from manufacturing to purchasing and ultimately to our customers, is what drives me. The constant exchange with the management and marketing fills out this picture.”

How can you measure the strength of a good sales team?

“At the time when I began my design studies in Dessau, I mentioned to my professor that I was thinking of studying social work. He answered, that I would still have plenty of time to develop this passion. Today I have an idea of what he meant.
 Within a sales team, the most individual characters come together. Some are loud and some quiet, some are technically-minded and some playful, some speak and some listen. And across from each are clients who increase this diversity even more so.

The greatest strength of a sales team, in my mind, is to provide the right fit for each individual. The equal exchange of information in which each partner is aware of their role and their strengths, and each side benefits from this balance, is the indicator of a homogenous and strong team for me.”