Photo: mawa design

Suscipere et finire

… In 2017, mawa celebrated its 40th anniversary as a company. At 40, one is wise. All the more, when you’ve worked continuously for 40 years and crossed the border to the 6th decade of your life.
A year later in Hongkong, overlooking the China sea, I spoke with Sebastian Brink about the future of mawa. To design the future, which had become clear to me over the years, meant we needed to be accompanied professionally. After lengthy research, I finally found a suitable partner in Munich, the Aquin & Cie AG company, who were able to support me in the search for a successor.

2020, the year of the most difficult decisions. How will mawa continue into the future? Which way should I go? What will it mean? And how can I prepare mawa for a lasting future and pass it on successfully?

mawa is active around the world and has grown continuously.
My friend and companion from the start, Nils Holger Moormann, advised me to build a second manufacturing hall, which was completed in July 2021. The construction projects, however, were not only physical in nature – at the same time, the Berlin agency Realgestalt helped to define a new brand identity.

Against this backdrop, in 2021, I decided to transfer mawa to PROLED Holding GmbH, while retaining a minority stake and remaining as CDO at mawa.

I am very pleased to welcome two new and extremely competent colleagues on board in management. Peter Gawlik, as CEO and experienced lighting expert, will bring his industry knowledge in the area of distribution and marketing. Rounding out the management team of three, Birgit Weinländer will bring her extensive experience as a financial manager to the function of COO/CFO. She will be responsible for all financial, administrative, and technical production concerns.

Peter Gawlik, Martin Wallroth und Birgit Weinländer

I am very excited for all staff members and employees who have accompanied me, some for decades, to have found a solution that offers each and every one of them a high degree of security and future with the company.

At this point I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me until now, and who will accompany me in the future. A very special thank you to my family, to the entire mawa team, and especially to Tina Krauß, who assisted me with this difficult process from the very beginning.

Alea iacta est.

mawa stays mawa – that’s mawalous!

Warmest regards,

Martin Wallroth


Photo (from left to right):
Richard Walch, Martin Diepold/Rat für Formgebung, Ina Zabel