Photo: Erek Paschke/ADPASSION GmbH

The current situation

“Germany must be jolted awake.”

German President Roman Herzog,
26. April 1997

His words, long forgotten, are more relevant than ever.


Globalization didn’t only create a world market for goods, but for ideas, knowledge, and value as well. To produce in Germany means to be open to the world, to give and take with it and its people. Our suppliers are also located throughout the world – in Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Brandenburg.

“Made in Germany” wouldn’t exist without our employees from the east and west, from Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Syria and Holstein. Manufacturing lights in Brandenburg is only one aspect of our relationship; what presently unites us is the mutual trust that, together in solidarity, we will overcome this health crisis. Simply put, this means placing a growth in trust over economic growth.

mawa has passed hundreds of protective masks, sent to us from our partners in Taiwan, to an Italian supplier. We are donating ethanol to our pharmacy in Michendorf, so they can produce disinfectant for our fire department and local council. Our wealth of ideas is growing in response to the crisis, and we are investing these in our relationships. Let us mutually share our confidence in our resilience and creativity. In this way we can prepare for the future together.

The self-imposed slowing of production will speed up the goal of raising our self-sufficiency to 100 %. Additionally, we are increasing our photovoltaic output from 88 kW to 118 kW. Groundbreaking for the construction of our second hall in Seddin will commence after Easter. With the increase in space, our goal is not to increase our revenue, but to ensure we will become “greener” by using resources more sparingly and producing more effectively – creating consistent, long-lasting lighting and lighting systems, even in times of negative growth.

This is our contribution to sustainability. Our most important contribution right now though, is to offer courage to all of our nearly 60 employees, daily, to get through this crisis:
Take heart. China gives us hope. Together we can design our future differently; better, more equal, and more sustainable.

Together we can make it through this crisis.


On behalf of the entire mawa team, 

we wish you all much strength and courage.

Yours truly,
Martin Wallroth