Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

The inauguration of Europe’s newest Synagogue

We congratulate Europe’s newest synagogue in the Waldklinikum Eisenberg in Thüringen, on the occasion of their inauguration on May 22nd, 2022. mawa is proud to have been involved in illuminating nearly all areas in this sensational building.

In addition to more than 3200 lights already installed, these two project-specific and customized fabrications of the berliner ring 1 pendant lights ensure the best possible illumination. Constructed of two delicate profiles separated by a shadow gap, with homogenous light-emission in both upward and downward directions, these lights are duly impressive. The five meter long lights were each manufactured as a single piece, which gives them an especially harmonious surface-finish, with no visible segmentation.
The lighting intensity is easily regulated via DALI, and can be adjusted for any situation.

Patients of the Jewish faith can now fully practice their religion in the best possible light over the course of their entire hospital stay. The new Synagogue is located in the innovative round building for in-patient housing, designed by Matteo Thun, which complements the cross-denomination prayer room in the existing building.

Foto: Stefan Wolf Lucks