wi4 Presentation case

wittenberg 4.0

A quotation by Brandenburg’s poet Theodor Fontane lends the product catalogue of this hi-tech manufacturer from Brandenburg its title. The company’s entire range of lighting is for the first time listed in one compendium. The remarkable reading direction from both sides of the book, divided by the special colours yellow and silver, turns this catalogue into a unique reading experience. Four ribbon mark-ers allow for easy orientation. In the middle, both parts of the catalogue meet and are com-plemented with photographic insights into the factory and further quotations about light by Fontane. High-quality architec-tural photographs illustrate the diversity of the products and enhance the catalogue visually as well as with information. The book is safely enclosed in a presentation case, which received a Red Dot Award 2012 in Editorial & Corporate Publishing.

RedDot Winner 2012
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