berliner ring 1 up- and downlight

Pendant light

Beautiful slim U profile chandelier in round shape

Two narrow u-channels are connected back to back along a shadow gap. Light shines uniformly upwards and downwards through a translucent strip. On request, radii and lengths are custom manufactured by mawa. Various crown lights for numerous room situations are possible with a radius of 30cm or more. Please ask which specific sizes for circles, ovals, straight lengths, and free forms can be constructed on request.

Round lights are suspended from a central point as standard. Perpendicular suspension is available on request. Light color is selectable as well.

Note: Product sizes and configurations shown are exemplary and can be customized on a project-by-project basis upon request.

1730,00 € incl. 19% VAT
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
Martin Wallroth
aluminum powder-coated
acrylic glass one side satin (min. 3 × acrylic segments with tolerance gap)
min. 3 × Reutlinger® cables (depending on size)
Standard sizes: ∅ 600 mm, ∅ 800 mm, ∅ 1000 mm, ∅ 1200 mm
Profile: 20 × 43 mm (W × H)
Standard size total pendant length inclusive ring: 2533–2569 mm (depending on size)
LED module
inclusive LED strip 24 V DC, 22 W per meter
with 2700 K: 124 lm/W
with 3000 K: 127 lm/W
up- and downlight each
∅ 600 mm: 42 W (with 2700 K)
∅ 800 mm: 55 W (with 2700 K)
∅ 1000 mm: 66,5 W (with 2700 K)
∅ 1200 mm: 81 W (with 2700 K)
Operating area
AC 220V–240V / 50Hz–60Hz
Weight inclusive canopy large
∅ 600 mm: 3.680 g
∅ 800 mm: 4.200 g
∅ 1000 mm: 4.800 g
∅ 1200 mm: 5.360 g
Produktinformation | berliner ring 1 up- und downlight
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Montageanleitung | br1-ud-ba-g (Baldachin groß, canopy large)
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Montageanleitung | br1-ud-ba-k (Baldachin klein, canopy small)
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