Photo: Berlin Design Week

Pendant light porto is presented at the Berlin Design Week 2022

The award-winning entries for the Brandenburg Design Award 2021 will be on display at Living Berlin from 12 to 18 May 2022. mawa’s pendant light porto will be among them. At the exhibition opening on 12 May from 5:30 p.m., all interested parties are cordially invited to get to know the exhibition with a guided tour.

Under its theme “Higher Purpose”, Berlin Design Week 2022 (BNDNWK) will seek out to define a more sustainable, better future – with design playing the role of observer, mediator, and solution provider.

After a largely virtual BNDNWK 2021, physical events such as exhibitions, presentations, talks, workshops, and networking events will once again form the core of BNDNWK. A wide range of challenging and current design projects will be presented, aimed at a professional as well as public audience.


Pendelleuchte porto im AmbienteFoto: Felix Pahnke

Einladung Opening Design bewegt BrandenburgBerlin Design Week