Photo: Niemeier
Photo: Niemeier

Historisches Rathaus Bad Oldesloe

Individual solutions for any room

Since 2016, mawa has illuminated various rooms of the historic Rathaus (Town Hall) in the city of Bad Oldesloe with individually manufactured products.  

Project Developer and Client

Stadt Bad Oldesloe

Lighting design

Jan Dinnebier
Jan Blieske


Walter Jessen GmbH

Project management mawa design

Dirk Salewski


Michael Kromat
mawa design

Scope of services

10 × light profile  
L 3185 mm, white matt (RAL 9016)

11 × light profile  
L 2145 mm, white matt (RAL 9016)

16 × pendant tube light
cylindrical light Ø 80 mm, L 1300 mm, LED 45 W, lamp tube satin-finished PMMA Ø 80 mm, L 1050 mm, cylindrical pipe holder made of aluminum Ø 80 mm, L 250 mm

2 × pendant ring light
composite, ring-shaped aluminium H-profile (H × B × S: 138 × 138 × 5 mm), D exterior 1770 mm, powder-coated exterior in chrome silver, interior in gold metallic, direct and indirect illumination (8 × LED 8,4 W, 8 × LED 8,3 W, 2 × LED 40 W), three downwards Y-shaped branched pipe suspensions made of steel, radial brushed

34 × surface-mounted light »wi-ab-2r«
LED 8,4 W, 3000 K, 24° reflector, white matt (RAL 9016)

4 × recessed light se-31
LED 26 W, 3000 K, 20° reflector, white matt (RAL 9016)

Photo: Niemeier

In flow

Slender cylindrical rods of satin-finished acrylic glass make their way, cascade-like, through the eye of the main stairwell. To generate the greatest amount of homogenous emitted light, interactions between potential materials to be used were tested in great detail.

Photo: Niemeier

Light and light object at the same time

Two ring-shaped crown lights decorate the Rathhaus hall and illuminate the rows of chairs as well as the ceiling. In addition to their volume, a three-part Y-shaped branching suspension made of brushed stainless steel pipes is particularly impressive. Recessed hidden LED strips make the lovely polished interior sparkle, allowing the light itself to become a light object.

Photo: Michael Kromat