Photo: Maike Hüls-Graening
Photo: Maike Hüls-Graening

Agnona Store Sylt

Compact lighting-tool in luxurious ambiance

mawa illuminates the special atmosphere of the second Agnona Store in Germany with its professional, seventies plus, lighting-tool series.


Braderuper Weg 1, 25999 Kampen (Sylt)


Ermenegildo Zegna Store, Development Office

Branch management

Elke Brämer


Maike Hüls-Graening

Scope of services

19 × seventies plus track spotlights »seP-12-d2-1«
LED, 23 W, 3000 K, CRI typ. 97, 2500 lm, reflector 30°, white matt (RAL 9016)

8 × seventies plus Stromschienenstrahler »seP-12-d2-1«
LED, 23 W, 3000 K, CRI typ. 97, 2500 lm, reflector 52°, white matt (RAL 9016)

21,00 m Eutrac 3 3-phase-mounting rails white, inclusive system components



Photo: Maike Hüls-Graening

With immaculate style, the Italian fashion label established a presence, in an original reed-thatched house, in the center of Kampen. Gold shimmering letters articulate the whitewashed facade above the entrance. Upon entering the boutique, the low ceilings and warm-toned wooden surfaces offer a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Photo: Maike Hüls-Graening

Following the principle of the flagship store in Berlin, the lighting emphasizes the high standards of the brand with strong lighting accents and the highest quality color reproduction.

The museum-quality »seP-12« track spotlight not only produces the desired effects, but also has an adapter which contains the control unit for the light and provides secure mounting and electrical current access to the track. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the size of the cylindrical housing – an advantage that especially benefits the low ceiling heights.

Photo: Maike Hüls-Graening

The luxury brand, with its fine fabrics, classic silhouettes, and inviting atmosphere, is a hit with the public in Germany’s premier vacation destination.