Photo: Ulrike Klumpp
Photo: Ulrike Klumpp

Betty’s BonBon Manufaktur Baiersbronn

LED spotlights and classic luminaires for a Wes Anderson-style shop

Bettina Buchthal was already successfully employed in research before fulfilling another of her career dreams when she established „Bettys BonBon Manufaktur“. From an initial enthusiasm for the ingredients and preparation of hard candies, a vocation arose. Since then, Betty’s product palette includes around 35 hard candy varieties, made traditionally, by hand.

Buchthal commissioned the architect, Birgit Stiletto, with the design of the shop. She composed a demonstration workshop of volumes, proportions, materials and light, which recall the colorful film stills of Wes Anderson. Green tones, wood, plants and coordinated Italien cement tiles, create a pastel backdrop in front of which Betty creates cherry, raspberry and orange flavored candies. Willy Wonka would be thrilled!

The complete lighting concept was implemented by mawa, and coordinated with the color concept of the shop: where built-in and surface-mounted lights provide ambient lighting, the cylindrical spot heads of the wittenberg 4.0 series, in matt white, are unobtrusive and discreet. They rotate and tilt, so that individual zones within the store can be accentuated with them as well.

The decorative wall light etna, and pendant light d28, have surface-finishes in shiny copper. They create a contrast to the green tones of the shop, and harmonize with the built-in woodwork. Above the cash register counter, the highlight is the pendant light bergamo by the glass designer Aloys Ferdinand Gangkofner. As a Re-Edition, this classic light was reissued by mawa in metalized clear glass, with a gradation of rose gold.


Birgit Stiletto


Bettina Buchthal


Ulrike Klumpp

Scope of services

1 × bergamo gangkofner-Edition pendant light gk-be-rg-9016-rg2
E27 max. 60 W, clear glossy / rosé gold gradient (metallized clear glass)

2 × etna wall and ceiling light et2
E27 max. 60 W, copper

1 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed light wi4-eb-1r-kr-cu
LED, copper

8 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed light wi4-eb-1r-9016
LED, white matt (RAL 9016)

13 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed light wi4-eb-2ov-9016
LED, white matt (RAL 9016)

5 × wittenberg 4.0 surface-mounted spotlight wi4-ab-1r-4-9016
LED, DALI dimmable, white matt (RAL 9016)

3 × d28 pendant light d28-ab
LED 6 W, surface mounted canopy, switchable, leading edge / trailing edge dimmable, copper

Photo: Ulrike Klumpp
Photo: Ulrike Klumpp
Photo: Ulrike Klumpp