Photo: Stefan Müller
Photo: Stefan Müller

Museum Tieranatomisches Theatre Berlin

Illumination of a classicistic architectural monument

The early neoclassical School of Veterinary Medicine by Carl Gotthard Langhans was built in 1790 at the same time as the Brandenburg Gate. Today it belongs to the most important historical buildings in Berlin.

The restauration, commissioned by the Humboldt University in Berlin, was completed at the end of 2012 by the architecture office of Müller Reimann. mawa design was responsible for the complete interior lighting here in cooperation with the lighting planner Edgar Schlaefle.

Lighting design

Edgar Schlaefle Lichtplanung Berlin


Edgar Schlaefle
mawa design


Stefan Müller

Scope of services

1 × bar light
profile light, color NCS, 6× downlights, wittenberg 35W spot/ matt

1 × crown light
profile light, color NCS, 8× 4 downlights, wittenberg 35W spot/ matt

6 × vitrine lights
surface-mounted lighting, color DB 703, 10× 54W T5 uplights

1 × tambour ring
indirect cove lighting, color NCS, 38× 54W T5 for a dome, constructed of individual overlapping segments adaptable to the irregular radius

10 × cylinder lights
color NCS, 3× 80W T5, 1× 35W HIT downlight: for an even room lighting with additional downlight accents

100 m wall profile
color NCS, 86× 54W T5, Eutrac busbar, Gallery rail: for indirect lighting with integrated busbar and gallery rail. Overlapping lamps create an even light distribution in the room. The system was constructed in segments to be extremely flexible and adaptable to any room dimension

8 × multi-intstallation system
specially developed system for installation in plasterboard ceilings including interior busbar and rectangular cover panels which are individually equipped with spotlights

Photo: Stefan Müller
Photo: Stefan Müller
Photo: Stefan Müller