Photo: Dirk Vogel
Photo: Dirk Vogel

Parish house Kleinmachnow

Minimalist chandelier with up- and downlights

Since 2017, in close proximity to the old village church in Kleinmachnow, lies the newly built parish house and assembly hall.
 Located on the historical grounds of the feudal manor estate of Kleinmachnow, the parish house has emerged as the new center of its Evangelical congregation. The assembly hall alone offers space for 250 people and, thanks to a moveable partition wall, can be extended to provide space for 400.

During the day, the room is flooded with light, thanks to several skylights and expansive window surfaces. In the evening hours, it is lit by six ring lights berliner ring, each with a diameter of 2.5 m.

For these custom-suspension lights, designed by mawa, special attention was paid to creating an extremely homogeneous light-emitting surface in addition to accommodating a large amount of indirect light in relation to the limited cross-sectional area available.

Project Developer and Client

Ev. Auferstehungs-Kirchengemeinde Kleinmachnow


Löffler Kühn Architekten

LPH 5-8

werkgruppe kleinmachnow


Dirk Vogel, DGPh
Thomas Klatt

Scope of services

6 × berliner ring 1 up- and downlight pendant light br1-ud
∅ 2500 mm, 2700 K
Uplight: 4800 lm, 30 W, Downlight: 14400 lm, 91,2 W

Photo: Thomas Klatt
Photo: Dirk Vogel
Photo: Thomas Klatt

Photo: mawa design