Photo: Patrik Graf
Photo: Patrik Graf

Foyer Stadthalle Cham

Brilliant XXL chandeliers as a custom design

On June 1st, 2018, the new City Hall in Cham was ceremonially inaugurated. The multi-functional public hall replaced the original building demolished in 2015. The building features a spacious foyer, two combinable halls, three conference rooms and a restaurant. Equipped with the most modern lighting, audio and media technology, the new City Hall is the ideal venue for all types of events.

Four stately 3 meter diameter crown chandeliers, manufactured by mawa, greet guests in the foyer and are impressive well beyond their size alone.Designed by Architect Ansgar Lamott, these complex custom-made luminaires are the result of an intensive planning, coordination, and production process. »They are the icing on the cake in the foyer of the new Chamer Stadthalle.«, writes the Cham Newspaper.


Lamott + Lamott Freie Architekten BDA, Stuttgart


Patrick Graf
mawa design

Scope of services

4 × custom-designed crown chandeliers
∅= 3000mm, H= 400 mm, W= 150 mm
gold-like powder-coating as per exterior facade.

24 × wi4-lamps
LED, each 12.7 W, 3000 K, 12× 24°/12× 38°

24× LED-linear uplight module
each 3 W, 3000 K, converter (DALI dimmable)
emergency light, interior cladding of light shaft (∅ 1600 mm)

Photo: mawa design
Photo: mawa design

Photo: mawa design

Photo: mawa design

Photo: mawa design