Photo: Tobias Hein
Photo: Tobias Hein

Radisson Collection Hotel Old Mill, Belgrade, Serbia

Glass globe lighting between rich history and modern aesthetics

Custom-made glass globes illuminate the sitting area in the foyer of the »Old Mill« Radisson Hotel in the heart of Serbia’s main city. The complex, located on the bank of the Save river, combines the rich history of the past with modern aesthetics. The main entrance, reception, bar and restaurant are located in old mill buildings from the 19th century.


Soravia Group / Radisson Blu


GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Lichtplanung / Leuchtenentwurf

Dinnebier + Blieske (Project Lead Partner: Jan Blieske)

Project management mawa design

Thomas Foitzik


Tobias Hein

Scope of services

45 x glaskugelleuchten ku2 D 200 mm, with chrome-plated monk’s cap, internal glass sphere with lens,  G9-socket for halogen lamp

Photo: Tobias Hein

Guests are welcomed into a spacious entry hall with industrial charm. A contrasting, shear-cut structure allows floor and walls to melt into one another, creating three-dimensional usable elements such as seating areas and reception counters.

mawa staged this charged atmosphere with crystal glass globes arranged in grape-like clusters. The halogen lamp, at the center of each globe, is additionally enclosed within an interior glass sphere, with a plano-convex lens base which allows uniform light distribution, without tight bundling of the clusters.

Designer Hotelbeleuchtung - Radisson Hotel Old Mill BelgradDesigner Hotelbeleuchtung - Radisson Hotel Old Mill Belgrad
Photo: Tobias Hein | Radisson Collection Hotel Old Mill, Belgrad, Serbien
Photo: Tobias Hein