Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks | Büro- & Geschäftshaus Ziegert Berlin
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks | Büro- & Geschäftshaus Ziegert Berlin

Office & commercial building Ziegert

Uplights and downlights outside, recessed lights inside

The founding philosophy of ZIEGERT Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH is to allow many people the possibility to own their own home. For more than 30 years, they have offered a wide range of services in the real estate and property industry. In 2018, they moved the company to their new location near Checkpoint Charlie on Zimmerstrasse in Berlin.

Over a total of nine floors, numerous mawa downlights from the wittenberg 4.0 series illuminate the corridors, conference rooms, and lounge areas, as well as the showroom of Studio Z, the in-house interior designer company on the ground floor of the building. mawa’s unter den linden exterior lights decorate and underscore the classically designed facade.

Project Developer and Client

ZIEGERT – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH


Studio Z, Berlin

Lighting design

mawa design


Stefan Wolf Lucks

Scope of services

629 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed light wi4-eb-1e / wi4-eb-2e
LED, 12.7 W

19 × wittenberg 4.0 surface-mounted light wi4-ab-1e
LED, 12.7 W

11 × unter den linden 1 surface-mounted light ul1
uplight-/ downlight, LED, 25 W

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Clear contours: the outdoor lights unter den linden ul1 corresponds in colour with the anodised façade elements, as well as the door and window frames. The mawa edge-folding technique creates the minimal edge radius appreciated by architects.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

wittenberg 4.0 recessed light wi4-eb-1e in the Studio Z furnishing service vividly illustrate the advice given on lighting and colour concepts.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Intelligent LED lighting for meeting rooms: wittenberg 4.0 recessed spotlight wi4-eb-2e.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

The wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series in one of the conference rooms at Ziegert Immobilien. The high mawa LED standard makes workplaces more energy-efficient, and the control system allows both functional and atmospheric light.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Multitalent wittenberg 4.0: This LED lighting tool from mawa has also been developed in a modular way and can be configured individually. Thus, a complete commercial and office building can be equipped with just one system spotlight and a wide range of accessories.