Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Office space Merantix Berlin

Horticulture LEDs at AI Campus Berlin

The AI Campus, opening in April 2021, is a showcase and incubator for artificial intelligence. It aims to inspire German and European companies, talents, investor groups and start-ups for AI. Furthermore, it intends to strengthen Europe’s position in this groundbreaking sector.

The campus initiators and Merantix founders want to unite specialised competitors and start-ups at one location for networking, sharing knowledge and shortening distances. A 5200 square metre office space in Berlin Mitte was rented for 10 years for this project. The space was designed in line with the vision.

mawa illuminates many parts of the non-profit co-working space, using application-specific LED modules, for example.


Merantix AG, Berlin


Susanne Philippson, Potsdam
Vitra International AG, Birsfelden, Schweiz

Project management mawa design

Anja Bröscky

Projektassistenz mawa

Daniel Frey
Aleksej Uthe


Stefan Wolf Lucks

Scope of services

130 × seventies contact track spotlight se-11
LED, 26 W, 3000 K, flood reflector 30°, DALI, black matt (RAL 9005)

21 × seventies contact track spotlight se-11
Horticulture LED, 26 W, 3000 K, flood reflector 30°, DALI, black matt (RAL 9005)

1 × berliner ring 1 up- and downlight pendant light br1-ud
LED, up- und downlight, 2 × 127 W, 3000 K, DALI, white matt (RAL 9016)

1 x goldener schnitt 1 pendant light gs1
LED, 135 W, 3000 K, Ø 870 mm, DALI, black matt (RAL 9005)

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

The meeting rooms, which can be booked flexibly by all users, were individually designed and furnished. One of the rooms is adorned with mawa’s berliner ring pendant luminaire with an unusually large, project-specific diameter of one and a half metres.

Track spotlights from the seventies series illuminate community areas such as the kitchen, cafeteria, lounges and meeting points.

The highlight at the heart of the campus is the Green Space, which invites people to linger, interspersed with seating niches. The Green Space contributes to well-being. To provide the best living and growing conditions for the plants, individual spotlights were equipped with special LEDs that emit the full, photoactive spectrum of natural light.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks