Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH
Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH

Industriemuseum Menden Gut Rödinghausen

Glass Showcase Lights

Since September 2020, custom glass lights from mawa illuminate the exhibits at the Menden Industrial Museum. More than 300 years of the region’s industrial history is presented on 200 square meters of the upper floor at the manor house, Gut Rödinghausen.


Stadt Menden Museen
Museums- und Heimatverein Menden e. V.

Museum scenography, lighting design, luminaire design

Steiner Architektur-GmbH (Prof. Jürg Steiner)

Project management mawa design

Alexander Mehrle


Steiner Architektur GmbH

Scope of services

202 × glass tube light
230 V, with glass shade (134 × L 125 mm / 68 × L 105 mm), GU10 illuminant (67 × spot 10° / 67 × medium 25° / 68 × flood 36°)

Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH

The scenographic challenge is to create thematic space around many diverse objects, from various time periods, within a single floor. The showcases fulfill several functions within this context. They provide structure to the exhibit, subdivide the space, and enable compliance with conservation requirements.

Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH

Partly integrated as glass framework, they even recall the half-timbered building structure of the neoclassical 19th century manor house. Glass showcase spotlights are either directly integrated or mounted on an overhead construction. mawa transformed the design of Jürg Steiner Architects into implementable shop drawings and constructed the lights in-house.

The construction consists of a matt glass cylinder mounted on a double joint, containing a standard GU-10 socket. This flexibility allows the light to be easily swivelled and equipped with a several lamp varieties. Power output, light color and beam angle can then be varied as needed according to the selected reflector lamps.

Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH
Photo: Steiner Architektur GmbH