Photo: Luuk Kramer
Photo: Luuk Kramer

Library Predikherenklooster Mechelen Belgium

LED track-mounted spotlights in restored historical building

More than 200 seventies spotlights, in the color »moss gray« as requested by the client, illuminate the resources of the Mechelen Library at their new location. As of September 2019, the library is located within the newly restored Mechelen Monastery, originally founded in 1654.

After an eventful history as cloister, refuge, military hospital, and barracks, followed by decades of vacancy, the city decided on a new use for the abandoned building in 2010.
From the ensemble of the Mechelen Library together with classrooms, a restaurant, a leafy inner courtyard and the neighboring monastery church, a new cultural center has arisen.


City Mechelen, Belgium


THV Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten | Bureau Bouwtechniek | Callebaut Architecten


in cooperation with HildundK MünchenBerlin GmbH

Lighting coordination

Corona nv


Luuk Kramer

Scope of services

72 × seventies contact track spotlight with Eutrac-in-trac track adapter se-11-4-custom
LED, 26 W, DALI, RAL 7003 matt

130 × seventies surface-mounted spotlight se-21-4-custom
LED, 26 W, DALI, RAL 7003 matt

Photo: Luuk Kramer
Photo: Luuk Kramer

Photo: Luuk Kramer